Sunday, February 15, 2009

Inspiration vs reality: Elfa garage systems

An organized garage has always been a main priority. This Elfa set from Container Store was the our inspiration.

On a recent trip to the States, Mr. Big picked up various options for us. Shelves, bins, hooks, all sorts of goodies. And this weekend, we drilled, leveled, screwed, and arranged our way through the installation.

Wow! I can't wait to get everything properly organized and fully utilized. Our garage floors should be finished this week, which is (once again) one step closer to completion. (By the way, how bad are those brooms in the last picture? It looks like new home construction is going to lead us (yet again) back to the hardware store.)

But don't let this new organization mislead you, a 90 degree turn reveals this...

Just a little bit left to clean out of the garage by all the sub-trades...

We're one step closer to completion, but quite a few from proclaiming it.

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TomCayman said...

I looked at the Elfa stuff, but figured that the dust and clutter of open racking etc would drive me nuts... so, once again, I headed to, and was pleased to find they also do garage cabinets, storage walls, benches etc..... click, click, ship, install... less than two weeks from browsing the site, 15 feet of storage on one wall in the garage... love Easyclosets :)

You'll be glad to hear though that we don't consider ourselves "complete" either... always seem to be jobs hanging over from the build !