Sunday, November 11, 2007

Casesarstone countertops

Our kitchen and mudroom countertops have been a bit of a trouble spot for us. We found a gorgeous limestone that manufacturers warned us about time and time again. Apparently it was just too porous and would be very difficult to maintain. We went back to the drawing board and considered granite, concrete, and pretty much any surface under the sun.

Our designer had suggested that we look at a product called Caesarstone, which is a manufactured quartz product. For those that have already raised their nose at a surface that is less than 100% natural (it's only 93% natural...), feel free to move onto the next post. For those that are interested, let me tell you that this product is FAB!

Caesarstone is more heat, scratch and stain resistant than granite. But more importantly to me, they have lots of options that are fairly uniform in color. Because we have floor and wall tiles with lots of movement in them, I was looking for something exactly along these lines. While I pined over concrete, this will give Mr. Big the comfort of countertops that won't require loads of maintenance.

We decided on the Desert Limestone color for our kitchen and the Concrete color for the mudroom. They look gorgeous with our door, tile, and floor samples. I positively cannot wait to see them once installed! With our dark cabinets, the kitchen should roughly look like this:

For the mudroom, we decided to go with the Concrete color to add a bit of contrast to our light cabinets and wall tiles. Once again, it looks fab together. (This color also looked great in the kitchen, but the lighter color seemed to brighten everything up).

Boy, am I ever excited that we've made a decision...and hopefully such a good one!


Leanne said...

Sounds beautiful...and exactly what i'm looking for in our new kitchen...did you get it on island or special order from US? Leanne

Jenny said...

Hi Leanne! Our builder is coordinating it through a supplier in the US (not sure who they are using...I can find out). It is supposed to take 3-6 weeks until installation, so we're going to have temporary tops when we move in. We'll let you know when they arrive for a closer inspection. :)

Leanne said...

Please let me know - can't wait to see it!!

Jennifer said...

Hi - I stumbled upon your post while searching for info about Caesarstone Desert Limestone kitchen counters. Considering using them in my new kitchen, with very dark java stained cabinetry. I would love to see a picture of your final kitchen. Sounds like you love the product? Would love to hear how you like them now, a couple years later. Thanks!

Jenny said...

Hi Jennifer. I am really pleased with the countertops. They are really durable and easy (i.e. no worries after big dinner parties). The only comment would be that we had a local company install them (they weren't well versed on Ceasarstone) and there is one funny seam that I'm not happy with. With that being said, I suspect that someone trained in these installations would have gotten it right. We're going to use them in a remodel that we're doing in a holiday condo as well, which is suppose is a really good endorsement.

I'll see if I can get some new photos taken and post them up. Thanks for the visit!