Monday, November 12, 2007

Car...I mean

What size do you need? What color? What? You don't know this information? Tsk, tsk. It was surprising to find that carpet salespersons are not to far off from their car counterparts...on top of you, at least in my experience. And rugs are far from inexpensive. Definitely not a purchase that you want to be rushed into. In a nutshell, the whole experience was pretty overwhelming without having lived in the house yet.

Fortunately our trip was not all in vain as we did pick up two beauties. Ultimately, the cotton flatweave collection from Madeline Weinrib consistently grabbed my eye. When I returned back to the island, I was surprised to find that I chose the exact same pattern in different color combinations.

Platinum for the main living area (or possibly master bedroom)

Delf blue for the two Mediterranean blue-and-white rooms upstairs

Her rugs are definitely worth a peek for a more casual comfortable rug option. Beautiful!

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