Sunday, September 27, 2009

Remember drains on your back patio

When the builders were discussing our back patio, we spent a lot of time discussing gentle slopes that would allow for water to drain to the sides. In all of this discussion, I simply cannot fathom how Mr. Big or I didn't question whether we should put a drain somewhere in the patio.

Fast forward to this morning and you would find me rinsing down a few morsels of potting soil, just begging for a drain in this mammoth patio.

That would be today's little nugget...definitely think about those drains!


Anonymous said...

Jen: I enjoy reading your posts from time to time. You have probably already come up with these choices, but either coring in a drain hole through your concrete into the (soil?) below, or using one of those squeegee's that is shaped like a "u" to push trapped water may help you out.


Jenny said...

Thanks Phil for popping by! I will definitely inquire about the ability to drill to the compact dirt below the deck. I'm not sure if that could compromise anything, but it's definitely worth asking the question.

I've never seen the squeegee that you mention, but I'll definitely be on the hunt now. Thanks again and hope to get more ideas from you in the future!