Saturday, July 18, 2009

Inspiration vs reality: driveway pavers

Throughout our build, I was set on taupe and grey pavers for our driveway. No questions, don't fight it, this was certain. Right. The day that we were scheduled to place our order, I came across this image on the Hanson Hardscape website.

The deep brick color surrounded by green grass was so fresh (to me at least). Gorgeous. With Mr. Big shaking his head in the background, I changed my mind completely and we changed our order completely. I secretly hoped that I wouldn't regret this impulse.

After living with the finished product for a year, we're both really pleased with the last minute change. We went with the Hanson Abbey Road pavers, which combines larger and smaller pavers. It provides an imperfect, but interesting pattern.

Our workers were cursing us throughout the project (talk about a puzzle...), but we ended up with a driveway that we really like. And thank goodness, the brick red color did exactly what we were hoping for.

So there you have it, another "inspiration vs. reality" summary. I've been slow to post them all, but they will begin making their way here once again. And if anyone out there is looking for pavers, we certainly wouldn't hesitate recommending Hanson.

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Mina said...

Is this your house? its absolutely stunning!!