Saturday, March 14, 2009

Obsessive compulsive at all?

Owning our own house/condo/apartment has been a long time coming. Now that we're settled in, we've started setting up the house exactly how we want it (it was pretty much in shambles for the first year). My lovely husband started to get a bit concerned when I purchased a label maker. "What are you going to with with that?" Ummm...

Not only do we finally have an organized kitchen gadget drawer, it's also been labeled. Yes, a bit over the top, but hey, I love it. :) No trying to remember where "that thingy" is. No frustrations sifting through various items for "the one tool that I need". And in a really silly way, it makes me feel like I live in a Williams Sonoma store. Yes, it might be slightly disturbing, but I've waited a long time to finally have a home of my own...and I'm going all out.

Don't feel too bad for Mr. Big. He's sorted out a few critical drawers as well....atta boy!

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Michelle said...

Should I admit I completely understand what you've done with your drawers...?

I really like your custom fit sections! I have bins that never seem to fit quite right. Can you share how/where you got these?