Saturday, December 20, 2008

Help us find a new side table

It may seem like a small inconsequential item, but I am pretty committed to get the right side table to go between our two main recliners in the house. We're in these chairs often and I would like to make sure that the space is comfortable. At the moment, we're using an outdoor teak table that needs to find it's home back outside. :) Ah the joys of temporary....

Yes, we need more color in the space...we'll get there

Because we've got a lot of wood in the house, we're looking for a different material. And we don't want the tables to be more than 18 inches wide. The options that we have come up with so far follow:

Mirrored nesting tables

Funky nail-head metal table by Jed Johnson home (Mr. Big's fav but we have no idea on price)

Slender modern option via Etsy seller MetalArtistAustin

Seen anything recently that might fit the bill? Or have a strong thought on the above options?


Anonymous said...

hmm ... they're all great! i like the idea of a mirrored surface, but the last option is my favourite :)


Jenny said...

Thanks Seema. I've been leaning that way too, but I'm a little nervous that the big guy will get frustrated with me when his stuff falls through the slats. Hmmm.... :)