Saturday, December 1, 2007

Inspiration vs Reality: Front door

A while back, we solicited feedback from our friends and family on which front door we should choose. We've tried to keep it "hush, hush" and the day has come to unveil the new door. They still have a bit more framing to finish it off, but you get the picture.

Once again, it is fun to look at the original inspiration versus the final product. Before doing so, it's again worth noting that I almost fell off my chair when I found out the cost of the door from the inspiration image. A front door costs how much? Ultimately, our door cost 50% less from another manufacturer with a little less detail.

We've obviously got the finishing details yet to come, but we are really happy with the choice. And thanks to all of our family that gave input. It pretty much gets us to the same 50% of the price. Interestingly enough, our family tended to vote the same way. We felt that this was a sign and ultimately followed their lead. Thanks again to everyone who helped us out!

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