Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The barn door

When our home was just a distant dream, being those months before breaking ground, we loved the idea of having a barn door feel to the entrance to our office. Not quite sure what that says about what we intend to do in there? In any case, it was one of those extra touches that we were eagerly anticipating.

A few weeks ago, our builder and designer told us that they believed it was going to be just too hard to do. Part of the discrepancy seemed to be that our designer was looking for a really cool solution that our builder just never really caught onto. In the end, they proposed that we consider bi-fold doors instead of our much-anticipated barn door. Huh?

Mr. Big's eyes were so sad when he got this news that I promptly found myself a computer to search for a solution (we were on vacation at the time). To be honest, it was a pretty easy search. pretty much gets you there in 0.5 seconds. Our builder today confirmed that their hardware will work and Mr. Big will get his barn door. Hurrah!

So we've now got two hardware options...the modern stainless steel and the dark sturdy option. We've found ourselves tending towards rustic bases with modern accents, so really, either could work. The door will be at least 8 ft tall, single panel, and stained dark similar to the windows.

Seeing as everyone seemed to like the poll last time around, we're going to put it out to you again. Which catches your fancy?

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