Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ideas for friends: Feature wall

New home construction is so exciting, especially as the walls have gone up and you really begin visualizing your spaces. A friend of Mr. Big's has an amazing opportunity to do something really cool on a feature wall that is visible from the front door. Ever since visiting his house in May, I've been secretly watching for neat ideas that he could consider. Hope there might be something in here that catches his eye.

As a handy guy, he probably could mimic this textured, modern wall.
Styled by Glen Probestel

Painting that mimics a concrete look would also be sharp with his existing decor.
The round bookshelf would look fab on his wall as well, especially if it was 3-4 ft in diameter.

Again, styled by Glen Probestel

Love this idea of subtle color changes.
Surprise, styled by Glen Probestel

A ceramic or tiled wall. Because it's not to the edges, it looks more like artwork.
By Katie Blee.

Paint it an accent color. Krakvik & D'Oazio

Wallpaper it in a monotone, modern, and masculine paper.
Designed by Sheldon Keith Trimble

A funky mixture of molding and mirrors (without the girly touches of course)
Photographed by Tom Leighton

Anyone else have interesting thoughts for an accent wall?

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